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101 fun things to ask alexa things to ask alexa - 101 fun things to ask alexa alexa how old is santa claus alexa can i tell you a secret alexa what s the magic word alexa do you smoke alexa are you smoking, 115 brilliant alexa easter eggs funny things to ask your - don t be fooled by alexa s serious demeanour amazon s voice assistant has a funny side and the echo is packed with hundreds of hidden features and amusing things to ask, 200 funny amazon alexa easter eggs turbofuture - a list of 200 funny amazon alexa easter eggs ranging from star wars and star trek to game of thrones discover funny questions to ask your echo device, alexa 1200 smart and funny questions to ask alexa top - alexa 1200 smart and funny questions to ask alexa top questions you wish you knew 2017 mark diamond on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers 1200 top alexa questions you wish you knew about are you ready for an amazing experience with your amazon echo dot stop thinking hard about what or how to ask alexa questions this book contains the top alexa dot questions that you wish, amazon com alexa 1200 best things to ask alexa the top - i get it you just bought your new alexa enabled device and now you re wondering what she can do well look no further this book contains the top alexa dot questions that you wish you knew after hours of searching i have found and compiled the best questions you can ask, amazon alexa said what 15 funny questions you can ask - we ve set out to share the funniest alexa responses with you the following are goofy questions you can ask alexa to get a weird answer these all work out of the box so you don t need to install any skills to try them out, guide install ask google alexa skill alexa mods - hmm looks great thought i did it to the letter but alexa says there was a problem with the requested skill s response and then in the web app it displays, 12 best alexa skills in 2018 cool amazon alexa skills - 12 amazon alexa skills you need to try asap these daily commands will put alexa s smarts to the test, the funniest questions to ask siri digital trends - did you know siri has a sense of humor if you want to experience siri s comedy chops here are loads of funny questions to ask siri and a few statements that will elicit a comical response apple, alexa siri google assistant and cortana virtual - alexa siri and cortana walk into a bar guess who is the funniest even before she has a drink, the best amazon alexa skills for your echo smart speaker - alexa music and audio skills spotify the leading music skill for amazon alexa devices spotify gets pride of place on echo speakers it s the only service other than amazon prime music that you can select as a default service within the alexa app which means that any music you ask to be played will stream from spotify automatically