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continents define continents at dictionary com - continents definition one of the main landmasses of the globe usually reckoned as seven in number europe asia africa north america south america australia and antarctica see more, wac american radio relay league - sponsored by the international amateur radio union iaru the worked all continents award is issued for working and confirming all six continents these are north america south america oceania asia europe and africa the cost of the wac award certificate is 16 00 for u s and 18 00 for international mailings, continents and islands map quiz ilike2learn com - before you plan your holiday learn the locations of the continents and islands of the world with this free map quiz holiday learn the locations of the continents and islands of the world with this free map quiz, admiralty islands islands papua new guinea britannica com - admiralty islands islands in papua new guinea southwestern pacific ocean an extension of the bismarck archipelago comprising about 40 islands the group lies about 190 miles 300 km off the northern coast of papua new guinea the volcanic manus island constitutes the majority of its land area and is the site of lorengau the islands principal settlement, continents of the world map of continents - continents of the world earth is divided into 7 continents and in terms of area asia is the largest and australia oceania is the smallest continent, paracel islands islands south china sea britannica com - paracel islands paracel islands group of about 130 small coral islands and reefs in the south china sea they lie about 250 miles 400 km east of central vietnam and about 220 miles 350 km southeast of hainan island china apart from a few isolated outlying islands triton in the south lincoln in the east, download list countries territories in continents or - download options there are two ways you can download the countries list view in browser the show countries list button link opens the selected list as a regular plain text document in a new window or tab in your browser from that page you can easily mark select and copy the data, faroe islands visit the official site of the faroe islands - the faroe islands are located in the northeast atlantic half way between scotland and iceland only two hours flight from mainland europe, 7 continents of the world interesting facts maps resources - planet earth is home to 7 3 billion people and over 1 5 million different species of animals insects and plants spread across 7 continents earth was not always comprised on seven continents 175 million years ago the 7 continents were all connected into one supercontinent surrounded by a very large ocean, about salmon from the faroe islands salmon faroe islands - welcome to the official online home of salmon from the faroe islands this is a website of the faroe fish farmers association fffa which represents the entire aquaculture industry in the faroe islands, facts and information about the continent of australasia - geography australasia also called oceania or australasia oceania is the world s smallest continent 8 112 000 km covering approximately 5 3 of the earth s land and 1 5 of the earth s surface, continents of the world worldatlas com - the world has seven continents they are africa antarctica asia australia oceania europe north america and south america a map showing the continents of the world using the seven continent model there are seven continents in the world africa antarctica asia australia oceania europe, explore seven continents luxury cruise destinations - with over 900 destinations across all 7 continents wherever you want to go you can get there with silversea discover the world s most intriguing ports while travelling in extraordinary style aboard silversea s intimate luxury cruises, world country all the 247 countries of the world - what is a continent there is no worldwide consensus about what constitutes a continent all you really need to know is that the convention used on this website is that the earth has seven distinct continents africa asia europe north america south america antarctica and australia, azores islands info azores holiday destination guide - welcome to the azores holiday destination guide still a sleeping beauty the nine islands of this fascinating archipelago which marks the westernmost end of europe have everything to please the discerning traveller if you are in search of spectacular landscapes with never ending panoramic views savagely beautiful untouched nature wide open spaces where the colour green in a myriad of