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the precariat the new dangerous class guy standing - the precariat the new dangerous class guy standing on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers described by noam chomsky as a very important book guy standing s the precariat has achieved cult status as the first account of this emerging class of people, hooton on labour and little s chances whale oil beef - matthew hooton explores the predicament that labour have gotten themselves into by sticking with andrew little steven joyce s greatest political achievement will always be to have so quickly dubbed andrew little angry andy we do not know if mr joyce picked mr little s fatal flaw through astute personal observation or just a tip off from, artificial intelligence robots and the future of work - ai and robots seem to be everywhere handling more and more work freeing humans up to do what in this 3 part serie contributor jill eisen explores the digital revolution happening in our, most university undergrads now taught by poorly paid part - universities in canada which threw open their doors this week to almost a million undergraduates are propped up by an army of part time teachers who are highly qualified and poorly paid, bilderberg group 2016 attendee list and agenda hang the - taschenbergpalais hotel in dresden germany the venue of bilderberg 2016 bilderberg will obviously be discussing brexit britain referendum vote to leave the eu because it threatens the future of the european union federal superstate that was the brainchild of bilderberg in the first place, overland literary journal progressive culture since 1954 - australian writer frederic manning wrote what many considered to be the best narrative of the great war for ernest hemingway the middle parts of fortune was the finest and noblest book of men in war period it s a bold and arresting claim that calls for a quick look if not a deeper dive into manning s enigmatic life and work, new approaches to economic challenges oecd org - the state of mind in economics 30 31 october 2017 webcast 30 oct webcast 31 oct am webcast 31 oct pm naec cfm workshop on new approaches to understanding financial markets, mental health emerges as a work problem financial times - daniel pearson returned to work at ey the professional services firm after taking time off to deal with mental health problems and felt absolutely terrified of colleagues attitudes to, marxism and health care benny goodman - key concepts means of production land tools technologies forces of production labour power and knowledge of technologies relations of production the totality of social relationships that people must enter into to survive mode of production a combination of the forces of production and relations of production two modes are feudalism and capitalism, introducing social class earlham sociology pages - introducing social class the distribution of wealth and the distribution of income, the human cloud a new world of work financial times - a drive to divvy up and scatter jobs into a virtual world of workers raises questions about the outcome, social science dictionary with a durkheim bias - a general statement intended to develop a unified conceptual scheme for theory and research in the social sciences was published by nine usa social scientists in 1951 theory was to be based on a theory of action in which the point of reference of all terms is the action of an individual actor or collective of actors